Custom Vintage Armchair   


YEEEHAWWW!  Howdy, howdy, howdy partner!  Check out this pretty little vintage chair – fit for a cowpoke just like you! It’s rowdy, and yet, also kind of fancy and refined.  If this juxtaposition doesn’t make you as uncomfortable as riding a horse without a saddle, then it might just be the chair you’ve been looking for. […]

   Dr Kincaid Leather Chair – AKA Burnt Caramel and Dark Chocolate Souflee.   


Yum. This smooth, creamy piece of dark chocolate and burnt caramel is not for eating.  No, no, this is for sitting.  Or maybe sitting and eating.  Or sitting and reading.  Or sitting and dreaming…of how to get your hands on some real burnt caramel and dark chocolate.  

   Script Armless Chair – An Historian’s Dream.   


The year is 1896.  Some pretty important things happened in America that year.  In January, Utah was added as the 45th State.  The Yaqui Native Americans began uprising in Arizona and Mexico.  In September, F. Scott Fitzgerald was born.  And in December this chair was made. Juuuussst kidding – this isn’t an antique.  It’s just […]

   Three Piece Dresser, Mirror and Nightstand   


Item #25054

   French Provencial Desk   


Item #2260

   Accent Chair in Smoke with Nailheads   

Item # 13427