Decorating for Men   

By Lisa Haffner / NewsChannel 3

Just in time for the culmination of March Madness, we teamed up with a visual designer from Furniture Affair to create a masculine yet sophisticated entertainment room.

When it came to putting together his entertainment room, our bachelor wasted no time buying the crown jewel — a big-screen plasma television. Finding the decor to complete the space, however, was a little bit harder.

That’s where the designers at Furniture Affair came in. Within minutes they transformed a boring, virtually empty room into the ultimate bachelor pad.

“The goal, I would say, definitely is comfort for one, also the style and beauty — a nice, warm environment where you’d be able to come in and you’ll be able to relax, kick your shoes off and enjoy your room,” said visual designer Rene Lopez.

Using the granite countertops in the adjoining kitchen, Lopez found his inspiration for color and textures.

“Pretty much you have some blacks, some taupes, little browns, little rust tones, so that’s pretty much what I do when using these colors in here,” he said.

All of the pieces in the room came from Furniture Affair, a store that resells model-home furniture. The end result is good quality and great savings.

“We started with a mohair sofa that normally would be about $4,000,” said Furniture Affair’s Nancy Rhodes. “We got a great piece of art that would normally be $4,000 but we were able to get it for him for $800.”

The next stop was the home office.

“We’ve got a nice little computer armoire, lights up here,” Lopez said. “Here, again, more original art, a nice chair and a nice, little, cozy chaise lounge.”

“This whole room here comes in about $3,400, and what you would spend normally on this room is close to $8,000,” Rhodes said.

The goal, again, was to keep the colors neutral, but add a splash of blue color with accents.

“The masculine look here, again, going with the straight clean lines and here again using the blue, which is his favorite color,” Lopez said. “A little more feminine would be with a contemporary pillow here on the chaise lounge.

In the end, our team came up with two rooms any bachelor would love. They came in at less than $25,000, which includes that $16,000 plasma TV.