Design Services   

Need a Hand?

Our professional Interior Advisors are on hand to help you every step of the way with decor decisions.  We encourage you to take full advantage of our complimentary in-store design services available to all of our customers:


  • Accessory Selection and Placement
  • Holiday Decorating Assistance
  • In-Home Design Consultations

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  • Window Treatments
  • Household Organization
  • Faux Painting Guidance
  • Custom Furniture Ordering

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  • Color Selection
  • Space Planning
  • Lighting Design
  • Fabric Selection


We offer complimentary in-home design services with a minimum purchase.  No matter what your interior design needs, styles or tastes — Furniture Affair is committed to helping you reach your home furnishing goals.

What’s Your Type?

Furniture Affair is one of those unique furniture stores to satisfy all manner of design palates!  No matter what your taste or style — we offer a huge selection of home furnishings, silk plants, framed art and accessories to add just the right touch to your home or office.

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Are You A “Sanctuary?

They say a home is one’s sanctuary, and you’re a person who takes this phrase to heart.

You carry with you a sense of deep-rooted tradition – understated elegance and casual sophistication. You shy away from trends and fads. You’ve hit your stride in life, established in your career and looking to settle down with your family.

Your idea of quality time is a sipping on a glass of red wine, curled up on your plush sofa, enveloped by warm candlelight, as you revel in your luxurious surroundings.

What’s important to you is that your home be one your loved ones feel welcome in. Not just ideal for entertaining, your home provides comfort while exuding an air of stately serenity.

You prefer to infuse history, woven with cultural influences, into your home’s interior. Heirlooms, solid wood furniture pieces, with rich fabrics and unique textures make your home feel warm and inviting. With a color palette captured from the vibrant colors of a desert sunset, mixed with European sensibility and the rustic charm of the Old World, you’ve created an look that has a timeless quality all of its own.

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Are You A “Loft?

You don’t wake up to an alarm clock. You wake up to your iPhone chirping – it’s the day’s first email, one of many.  You live in the fast lane. Waiting? So last decade.

Everything you need is on demand, at your fingertips, just like you like it. You are the epitome of connected.  You can’t afford be slowed down with details. You’re decisive. A quick thinker.

When it comes to your home, you don’t want fuss and frills. You’re all about sleek lines, minimal accessories and bold color choices. You go for ‘fashion meets function’. You need open space, no clutter, and lots of attitude.

A little eclectic, a little impatient – you’ve got the downtown look with an uptown vibe!

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Are You A “Terra Nova?

You’re easy going. You live life at your own pace, and set your own schedule. Living up to someone else’s expectations? Not your thing.

Your interests are diverse. There are many facets to your personality, and you like your home to highlight the varied influences that mold who you are. Dull is the last word you’d use to describe your surroundings. You eschew the mundane, the boring, and all that is ‘blah’.

When it comes to your interior, you tend to mingle the clean, sweeping lines of contemporary design with rustic details of traditional décor and touches of inspiration from nature. You want your guests to feel relaxed when in your home – they never feel over stimulated with fussy furniture or pretentious accessories. Instead, you want to draw your guests’ attention to contrasting textures – rough-hewn linen against a backdrop of organic elements like smooth stone or coarse bark. You evoke the raw beauty of nature in your space.

Your home’s signature look is different – uninhibited, earthy, tranquil and never ordinary. Just like you.

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Are You An “All Dressed Up?

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams….it’s not a dream for you. You are living the life you’ve always wanted. Stuffy? Never! But your look is all your own. High style and high class. Your home just drips in it.

A little contemporary with classic lines. Monochromatic or cool colors. A bit of roman influence? Perhaps. Crystal and chrome are both at home in your lifestyle.

You don’t have the time or the patience for clutter or fussy carving. It’s sleek and sophisticated or nothing at all. Think architectural digest in all its glory.


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No matter what you style or personal preferences, we’ve got the goods to make you home your own.  We’re one of the most unique furniture stores in Phoenix AZ, and we receive new merchandise daily so check back often.  You never know when we might have that perfect piece you have been looking for

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Magnificent Makeovers!

We’re not talking Oprah here.   These are real customers’ homes re-worked, re-vamped, and worked over by the magic touch of our talented Interior Advisors!

The following are a few samples of the design work we’ve completed. For a comprehensive view of our designers’ aesthetic, visit our online design portfolio. Then, come in to our store and meet these talented individuals for a consultation.  They’ll help you create your dream home today.

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Condo Renovation, July 14, 2010
Here is a sample before and after photo set of a Phoenix condo renovation and decoration. Designer Jon LaDoszreconfigured spaces, selected all fixtures finishes and furnishings in what was once 2 separate units into a large and contemporary penthouse for out-of-town clients.

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Moon Valley Staging, July 16, 2010
Before and after photos of a recent staging project completed by Designer Jon LaDosz.

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Palmer Residence, July 16, 2010
Designer Jon LaDosz worked with clients to infuse a typical tract home with color and personality. See the transformation in these before and after photos.

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