Furniture Affair Now Offers Online Shopping With New Website

Furniture Affair Now Offers Online Shopping With New Website

PHOENIX, Ariz.April 1, 2024 -- Furniture Affair, a leading home furnishings retailer that specializes in model home and designer showroom furnishings at discounted prices, is excited to announce the launch of its new website ( featuring state-of-the-art e-commerce capabilities. This milestone represents a significant step forward in the company's commitment to providing customers with unparalleled convenience and accessibility to its unique products.

The new website, which goes live today, includes a curated selection of designer furniture at prices ranging 40-80% below competitor prices. New items will be added weekly across a range of categories including sofas, dining tables, chandeliers, rugs, and more.

"The ability to shop our selection from the comfort of home has been something people have been requesting for a long time and we are excited to now offer this to our customers," said Sara Martinez, Owner at Furniture Affair. "We are thrilled at the opportunity for new customers in the Phoenix area to discover our ever-changing selection at the best prices in the valley."

Key features of the website include:

1. Convenient Access to Rotating Selection: For over 30 years, Furniture Affair has been the go-to partner for home builders and designer showrooms. This unique partnership results in Furniture Affair receiving an endless assortment of new products. New items will be added weekly and customers will be able to explore this revolving selection from their computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

2. Comprehensive Product Listings: From chic sofas to elegant dining sets and everything in between, the website showcases Furniture Affair's diverse range of high-quality products, each accompanied by detailed descriptions and captivating images.

3. Flexible Return Options: All items are in-stock and available for pick-up within 24 hours of purchase. Customers have seven days to collect their items and can return purchased items for any reason.

To explore Furniture Affair's product collection and experience the new website firsthand, visit today.

About Furniture Affair:

Furniture Affair is a unique home furnishing retailer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Furniture Affair partners with home builders to sell their model home furniture and collaborates with a select list of designer furniture brands to sell their showroom items. Furniture Affair's distinct sourcing model allows it to sell high-end, gently used items for 40-80% off retail prices.